Politechnika Warszawska, PL

Warsaw University of Technology


The Faculty of Civil Engineering was established in 1826 and thus is one of the three oldest faculties of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). The Faculty employs 180 academic staff including 27 professors, 12 associate professors and 87 assistant professors. The Faculty cooperates on a permanent basis with: the University of Michigan in the USA; Gedyminas Technical University in Vilnius, Lithuania; Dnepropetrovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering in the Ukraine, Liege University, RWTH in Aachen, Catholic University in Leuven, Research Institute in Lubljane and National Institute if Standard and Technology in Gaithersburg, Purdue University – USA, Minho University – Portugal, and many more. Research works connected with managerial qualifications and competences are run at the Department of Construction Technology and Management.



Technische Universität Darmstadt, DE

The Institute of Construction Technologies and Management is a leading institute in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy at Technische Universität Darmstadt. The staff consists of one full professor (Prof. Motzko), one lecture (Dr. Klingenberger), three Honorary Professors und 15 scientific assistants. The major areas of research are: Simulation and Controlling (Real time simulation, monitoring and controlling of construction work; Supply chain management); Organisation in Construction (Health and Safety in Construction, Project risk allocation in construction contracts); Process Engineering (Automation in construction technology, Architectural concrete, Formwork technology); Real Estate and Facility Management.


University of Ferrara, IT

The University of Ferrara (UNIFE) is a public University whose mission is to provide excellent graduate and postgraduate education as well as researchers. Definitely, UNIFE aims at promoting industrial research and technology transfer, through its Technopole within the Emilia-Romagna High Specialization Network (www.regione.emiliaromagna. it/en/researchand- innovation/emilia-romagna-high-technology-network), promoting skills specialisation, encouraging and support the development of initiatives in the field of higher education and human resources development. The University of Ferrara local partnership includes the TekneHub ( that is one of the four Laboratories of the Tecnopole of Ferrara, within the Clust-ER BUILD (, one of the first seven regional pubblic-private network in Italy focused on fostering Innovation, Industrial Research and Technology Transfer. The Clust-ERs are associations of public and private bodies: companies, research centres and training institutions that share skills, ideas and resources to support the competitiveness of the industrial system TekneHub works in the main field of advanced techniques and integrated digital technologies for refurbishment and restoration, innovative technologies for diagnostic and conservation, management and valorisation of the cultural heritage and ICT procedures to assess and preserve existing built heritage.


Gebze Technical University, TR

Gebze Technical University (GTU) was established upon the foundations and experience of Gebze Institute of Technology (GIT) with the decree dated 4 November 2014 of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, interiting and embracing GIT’s 22-year heritage. With its infrastructure, capacity, and academic staff, GTU is one of the young but experienced universities of Turkey, set to become the most prominent scientific hub of the country.


Reykjavik University, IS

Reykjavik University’s (RU) subjects in research and teaching are science and engineering, computer science, business and law. The University has an interdisciplinary approach that fits well with today’s society and offers programmes that, for example, cross business with computer science and computer science with engineering. RU is at the forefront of research in Iceland in its focus areas.


Polish Association of Building Managers, PL

PABM was formed in cooperation with AEEBC and CIOB – international organizations for the subjects and national European institutions – in order to educate and certificate the managerial building personnel. PSMB works on the non-profit rule. It does not exercise any privileges or the statutory membership imperative for particular professional organizations. The factual basis for the activity of the Association was formed with the support of the European Union resources in order to even out the qualifications of Polish building managers to the European standards and to prepare them to conduct business activity on the international market. The main aims of PSMB are as follows: Supporting obtaining the managerial qualifications essential in conducting professional activity in construction; Help in recognition of the managerial competences on the European Union market; Integration of the managerial activity in building; Cooperation with similar foreign associations.


Korporacja RADEX S.A., PL

The company acts as:

  • the coordinator of projects with the preparation of construction investments,
  • substitute investor for exceptionally complex and large investment projects,
  • the organizer of financing large investment projects.

In its activity, Korporacja Radex S.A. cooperates with leading Polish and European developers, construction companies, banks and investment funds, specializing in the management of investment processes.

Korporacja Radex S.A. for it’s achievements. has been awarded with many decorations, including:

  • Medal PAN im. T. Kotarbińskiego
  • Złota Odznaka “Zasłużony dla Budownictwa”
  • Medal Europejski
  • Europejski Certyfikat “Rzetelni w Biznesie”


  • “Budowa Roku” i “Proces Inwestycyjny Roku”
  • “Pracodawca Roku w Budownictwie”
  • “Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki”
  • “Lider Zrównoważonego Rozwoju”

and golden emblems:

  • Quality International in the categories: top-quality management and top-quality services

Korporacja Radex S.A. in addition to proprietary know-how, uses an integrated management system certified for compliance with the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 27001.

Regardless of the investment zone, the Korporacja Radex S.A. operates in the field of renting commercial space which creates Korporacja Radex Business Park in Warsaw – a business center of which Korporacja Radex S.A. is the owner and operator.

Korporacja Radex S.A. is also a co-founder and coordinator of the Industrial Cluster COP.